We offer luxury accommodation in two half-timbered buildings ("roubenka") and an old-style farmhouse that, put together, offer a total of 35 beds. We placed special emphasis on preserving the original structural elements and solutions in developing this site, and the combination of this old, conservative style and the beautiful sceneries and views of the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) helps to create a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquillity. We believe that you will appreciate the top quality of local craftsmanship, and that the ubiquitous positive energy will make you feel relaxed while helping you experience many lovely moments that you will long remember.

SILVERSTONE features a number of places forrelaxation and fun, including, among others: central barbecue spot and outdoor bar, wine-tasting cellar and wine bar, several small campfire rings and outdoor grills, indoor lounge, spacious gazebo with chairs, spacious indoor gallery, café + patio, orchard, large meadow for games and ... much more.

The closed layout, i.e. buildings encircling a spacious courtyard, offers complete privacy.



Roubenka Elen

Luxury accommodation in a spacious
stylish „roubenka“
offering a total of 12-15 beds

Roubenka Anita

Luxury accommodation in a spacious
stylish „roubenka“
offering a total of 10-12 beds


Main building, dates back to 1878,
completely reconstructed,
offers a total of 10-12 beds.


All our clients have unlimited access to our indoor & outdoor wellness sites with a barrel bath, sheltered massage whirlpool and refreshment bar, aromatic sauna with a pool and fireplace, central barbecue site and outdoor bar with seating, wine tasting cellar, wine bar, several bonfires and outdoor grills, sheltered relaxation spot (including stretchers), roomy gazebo, café, porch, orchard, large meadow... and more.